May 2012 

Lilly Abernathy




Pre-Hapkido is an introduction class to Hapkido. It is geared towards kids and young adults. This class provides the basic skills and foundation that students will need to transition to the adult Hapkido class. This class is open to both Boys and Girls.


Pre-Hapkido students will learn:


  • self-discipline

  • self-respect

  • kicking & punching

  • falling & throwing

  • basic self-defense techniques

  • general exercises/physical conditioning

Each student will receive the knowledge, skill and attention they need to be the best martial artist.

Pre-Hapkido classes are on Tuesday & Thursday from 6-7:00pm.

We offer our first two classes for free with no contracts.


Class Dues are

$50.00 a month 

$30.00 for each additional family member 


There is limited space so if you are interested please email us at

or call us at 573.270.4166  


Pre-Hapkido Graduates:

Franny Myracle '08                                                 

Kristina Cruse '09