Great Grandmaster Park was a certified 9th Dan Black Belt by the World Tae Kwon Do Federation in 1985. He was a certified 9th Dan Black Belt in Hapkido by the Moo Sul Kwan Hapkido Federation and a 5th Dan Black Belt by the Korea Yudo Association. He was one of  the two highest ranking Moo Sul Kwan instructors in the world. In 1980, he was recipient of the Outstanding Coach Award at the 5th National Collegiate Tae Kwon Do Championships in St. Louis, Missouri.




       Great Grandmaster Park believed in and taught a traditional approach to the martial arts. Discipline, hard work and dedication brought him to a pinnacle that few others have reached. He dedicated his life to teaching and promoting the martial arts. His spirit is carried on by the Black Belt instructors that survive him and continue the tradition of Moo Sul Kwan.




       Great Grandmaster


   Lee H. Park



  1939 - 1988





Great Grandmaster Lee H. Park was born in North Korea on Dec. 25,1939. In 1969 Great Grandmaster Park moved to the United States and was employed at Southeast Missouri State University. It was at this time that Great Grandmaster Park began Moo Sul Kwan in Cape Girardeau.

Great Grandmaster Park was founder of the American Martial Arts Sports and Education Association, vice-president of the International Council on Martial Arts Education, and was chairman of the Teacher Certification Committee for the International Council on Martial Arts Education. Great Grandmaster Park had previously served as a Delegate At Large for the National AAU Tae Kwon Do Committee, and was a past president of the American Hapkido Association, past chairman of the Sub-committee Safety and Equipment Development for the National AAU Tae Kwon Do Committee and a past chairman of the Regional Board of Examiners for the American Tae Kwon Do Association. 


Won Kwang-Wha,


  Mr. Park's Instructor